PlayerUnknown BattlegroundsEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Battle Buddies - Player Unknown Battlegrounds Ryan, Jeremy The Battle Buddies may have had a ball in Germany, but not everyone was pleased with their testicular bloodlust. Now they're on another mission in hopes of redemption. Inside the Battlegrounds simulation, they must achieve the ranking of "TOP 10" in order to impress their future clients. Will the Battle Buddies prevail, or has their lack of strategy and stealth doomed their future? N/A June 6, 2017 1

Sniper Elite 4Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Battle Buddies - Aim for His Ball Ryan, Jeremy In 2017, two friends joined forces to create the world's least covert covert operative team. They are the Battle Buddies. America's two favorite heroes, Ryan Haywood and Jeremy Dooley, are deployed on a top secret mission. The objective is simple: eliminate the target by shooting him in his ball. Yes, only one. According to our records, he only has one ball. The other, mysteriously, is in the Albert Hall. And upon further research, we've concluded this is because his mother, the dirty bugger, cut it off when he was small. N/A May 9, 2017 1

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