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Barbara siri shirt
Barbara Dunkelman
Biographical information

July 2, 1989 (Age 24)

Productions information

Community Manager
Voice Actor


Yang Xiao Long

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Barbara Dunkelman, aka "BlawnDee", is the Community Manager for Rooster Teeth. She was a longtime community member of the site and volunteered at the first RTX  before being hired. Before moving to Austin, Texas, she lived in Canada.

Her job entails running contests as well as running Rooster Teeth's Social Media

. She is also frequently a contributor on the Rooster Teeth Podcast as well as an actor in RT Shorts, most notably Siri. She also is a main member of the Internet Box Podcast, which she does with Michael, Lindsay and Ray.

In the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, she is the voice actor for Yang Xiao Long. Barbara is currently dating Garrett Hunter, the special effects designer and merchandise shipment manager at Mega 64. [link


  • She frequently makes puns, which the others occasionally groan at.
    • She has even been introduced to the Oh Henry Pun Off, described by Gus as a "shitty pun making competition".
    • There is animated adventure, that consists just of bad puns from Barbara, which is titled Barbara Pun-kelman , which has over 1.7 million views
  • She enjoys drawing male genitalia.
    • She is also open to discussing topics such as masturbation.
  • She is sometimes refered to as "Brabra" which is a thing that was started on the Internet Box Podcast.
  • RT fans usually ship her with Gavin, although they are not dating in real life. However, they appear to be good friends. 
  • Gavin will often dunk Barbara in the pool at Michaels apartment, because he can't dunk Michael. 

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