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Barbara Julie Dunkelman, aka "BlawnDee", is the Community Manager for Rooster Teeth. She was a longtime community member of the site and volunteered at the first RTX  before being hired. Before moving to Austin, Texas, she lived in Canada, and was born in Montreal, Quebec.

She graduated from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University where she received a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Marketing. She attended from 2007-2011.

Her job entails running contests as well as running Rooster Teeth's Social Media. She is also frequently a contributor on the Rooster Teeth Podcast as well as an actress in RT Shorts, most notably Siri: The Horror Movie. She also was a main member of the Internet Box Podcast, which she worked on with Michael, Lindsay and Ray before its cancellation.

In the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, she is the voice actor for Yang Xiao Long. She also voices supporting characters ORF in X-Ray and Vav, Katie Jensen in Red vs. Blue, and Nerris in Camp Camp. Her first role in an anime was as Cosmos from Fairy Tail, which was also her first role as an antagonist (albeit minor).


  • She frequently makes puns.
    • There is an animated adventure, that consists only of bad puns made by Barbara, which is titled Barbara Pun-kelman , which has over 2 million views.
  • It has been stated that she constantly "flicks the bean"
    • She has said her record is 11 times in one day.
  • Barbara is Jewish.
  • She is a natural blonde.
  • She is right handed.
  • She is currently in a relationship with Aaron Marquis.
  • She is 5'9".

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