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This article is about Alfredo Diaz, of Achievement Hunter. For Alfredo, of Sugar Pine 7, see Alfredo.

Alfredo "AlfredoPlays" Diaz, is a Twitch Streamer who joined Achievement Hunter on August 11, 2017.[2] Alfredo is currently the Head of Streaming at Achievement Hunter. He is often referred to as "Ethnic Trevor", or "The Sauce".

Trivia Edit

  • His "Ethnic Trevor" nickname is a jab at how similar he looks to Trevor, while the more fitting "The Sauce" is a reference to the pasta sauce he is named after.
  • The main reason he was hired was for the Git Gud series in Rainbow Six Siege, with him further showing prowess at the newer PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • He has been best friends with Tim Gettys since high school. They once ran a coffee shop together.
  • Was a hula dancer, even entering in competitions.