Originally from Philadelphia, Adam Ellis moved to Austin in early 2013. Adam has been a part of RTX throughout the years and has been involved in various Rooster Teeth Productions as background cast and/or crew. However, he only officially joined Tech Support for Rooster Teeth in August, 2013.

Adam was also a part of a Let's Play series, called How To with Joel Heyman. Together, they play various games such as Outlast, Gang Beasts and Cry of Fear. He also livestreams games on Twitch.

Adam Ellis voices Cardin Winchester and Tukson in RWBY.

During the Operation Supply Drop Live Stream the topic of Blaine Gibson not changing his name came up. It was mentioned that when someone gets the "Cast and Crew" tag on the website they get the power to change their own name, however, Adam had to keep his as Gilby due to the fact that Adam Baird already had the username adam.

Adam owns a Bengal cat named Solaire. Jack Pattillo has a cat from the same litter. They got the cats from a fan during a live stream.

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