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Achievement unlocked: FUCK OFF
AHTeam 2013
The current Achievement Hunter team from RTX2013. From left to right: Ray, Gavin, Jack, Geoff, Ryan, Caleb, Michael and Lindsay.
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Current ShowsEdit

Past ShowsEdit


  • All the Achievement Hunters have edited videos during their time at Rooster Teeth.
    • Gavin edits Let's Play Minecraft episodes and Things To Do In.
    • Michael edits Rage Quits and Let's Plays.
    • Ray edits Achievement Guides and Let's Plays.
    • Geoff edits Trials Files and Red vs Blue.
    • Jack edits Achievement HORSE, PIG, Fails of the Weak, and AHWU.
    • Ryan edits/is in charge of the Game Fails channel.
    • Lindsay has edited at least one Minecraft Let's Play (suggested by Geoff in Episode 71 - Maze In Buckingham Palace, confirmed for Episode 78 - Human Hit List.)
    • Caleb edits Game Night.
    • Kdin created and edits/hosts Coming Soon as well as edits Let's Builds and Let's Plays. Formerly done by JJ.
    • Fragger edits Retro Active/A Look Back At.
    • Franco edits the Five Facts.
    • Let's Play MInecraft - Episode 47 - Enchantment Level 30 is currently the most viewed video on the YouTube Let's Play  channel

Team NamesEdit

  • Most of the Achievement Hunters who have recurring pairings end up giving themselves team names.
Member Team Lads Team Gents
Gavin Michael Ray Geoff Jack Ryan


N/A Team Nice Dynamite X-Ray & Vav Plan G Team Bravo Team Love N' Stuff


Team Nice Dynamite N/A Team Better Friends The Dynamic Dumb-Asses Team Angry Fat Team Crazy Mad


X-Ray & Vav Team Better Friends N/A Team Boner Jizz Rack The R & R Connection


Plan G The Dynamic Dumb-Asses Team Boner Jizz N/A Team O.G. Team Magnum Dong


Team Bravo Team Angry Fat Rack Team O.G. N/A Team Same Voice


Team Love N' Stuff Team Crazy Mad The R & R Connection Team Magnun Dong Team Same Voice N/A

Alternate Team NamesEdit

In some cases these teams use alternate names

  • Gavin & Michael - Team Mavin / Neighborhood Watch / Dr. Jones & Dr. Free / Team Actual Humans
  • Gavin & Ryan - Team Rainbow / Team Rytard / Team Magnum Schnoz / Team Insane-ly Stupid
  • Gavin & Ray - Team Ladder
  • Michael & Ray - Team Brown Bear / Team No-Name / Team Used to Be / Charlie Team
  • Michael & Ryan - Team Poor Choices
  • Michael & Geoff -  Team Much Respect
  • Ray & Geoff - Team Go Fuck Yourself / Team Entertainment Value
  • Geoff & Jack - Team Beards / The Dynamic Duo / Team Unbeatable
  • Geoff & Ryan - Team No Die / Team Alive / Alpha Team
  • Jack & Michael - The Bearded Duo
  • Jack & Ryan - Team Deep Voice

Other TeamsEdit

  • Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Gavin, Michael, & Ray - Panda Priest Posse / Fake AH Crew
  • Gavin, Geoff, & Ray - Team Let's Never Play Together Again
  • Gavin. Geoff, & Michael - AAA
  • Gavin, Geoff, Ray, & Ryan - Team LadGents
  • Gavin, Jack, & Michael - Team Nice Dynameat
  • Gavin, Jack, & Ryan - Team Weird Voice / Team Same Voice & Big Nose
  • Gavin, Michael, & Ryan - Team Crazy Mad Insane
  • Gavin, Ray, & Ryan - Team Low Lads / Team Four Eyes / Team Ray-Y-Vin / Team 2
  • Geoff, Jack, & Michael - Team Dynamic Beards / JMG
  • Geoff, Jack, & Ray - Team Meat Boner Jizz
  • Geoff, Michael, & Ray - Team Dynamic Boner Jizz
  • Geoff, Ray, & Ryan - Team Fucked in the Anus
  • Jack, Michael, & Ryan - Team Dynamic Low Voice
  • Ryan, Lindsay & Caleb - The B Team
  • Jack & Caleb - Team Boring / Team No Chance in Hell
  • Michael & Kerry - Team Full Play
  • Lindsay & Ryan - Team Same Desk
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