"You live a charmed life, Gavin."
Geoff Ramsey



  • This was the first time Gavin shutout someone.


# Description Map by Winner
1 Get through the minefield, past the shredder, and drop into a box alive. Darthyan136 Gavin
2 Use a grenade to launch another grenade into fusion coils. LoranBasaranEvin Gavin
3 Shoot propane tanks to blow up the mines. BlizzardSOUP Gavin
4 Complete an obstacle course. TheDarkSpartan Gavin
5 Launch a dice block onto a platform. fungiduck Gavin


Halo Reach - Achievement HORSE 63! (Geoff vs05:06

Halo Reach - Achievement HORSE 63! (Geoff vs. Gavin)

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