Geoff and Gav play a quick game of Trials PIG.

"I don't try to win as much as I try to lose with style."
Geoff Ramsey



  • First Trials PIG
  • First Geoff Trials win
  • Breaks Geoff's losing streak of over six months


# Description Map by Winner
1 Cross the River x Sharkman 8282 Gavin
2 Bounce all the way to the end MortalBRhunter Geoff
3 Drive the course. Whee! D15T Geoff
4 Drive the course, watch your feet! JD0G1997 Geoff
Preceded by
Halo #74
Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by
Halo #75

Preceded by
Trials #3
Achievement HORSE Trials Episodes Succeeded by
Trials #5

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