Week 1 of Round 2 of the HORSE Tournament

"I would say you're Red, just by what the fuck you're doing."
Michael Jones




# Description Map by Winner
1 Fire a bullet around the wall and hit the mine. Scotty B Ray 07 Michael
2 Drive into the teleporter, blow yourself up with plasma MAYANBEAR Michael
3 Build momentum and get to the end! Edo Sens Gus
4 Pick a vehicle and launch it to the island, wheels down. Destroyer250 Gus
5 Blow your Warthog shell into the bucket! Genius Blog Michael
6 Bounce your way up to the top of the shredder SpartanDude72 Michael
7 First to hit the I in WIN actually wins! ItsMichael911 Michael
Preceded by
Trials #11
Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by
Trials #12

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Halo #81
Achievement HORSE Halo Episodes Succeeded by
Halo #83

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