"Heeeeyyyyy Geeeeeooooooofffffff"
Jack as he collides with Geoff




# Description Map by Winner
1 Take the Revenant over the gap, boost into the goal. rebelliousgamer Jack
2 Ride your Mongoose down the rocky ramp. maloss Jack
3 Jump through the twisty jump, land on all four. LordRobster Jack
4 Land on the first platform, boost to the second. Stay on all four. Stranger28 Geoff
5 Land on the blue pad, boost in to the hangar. clemy123 Jack
6 Boost through the hole, bounce to the teleporter, survive. Volgun Geoff
7 Jump into teleporter, land on platform, wheels down. Bkop Geoff
8 Land the jump, boost to platforms and explode. madgunner85 Geoff
9 Climb the hill of destruction. a deeper blue Geoff
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Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by

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