Jack and Geoff continue playing Trials Evolution.

"Yeah, well wait until you play someone who knows how to play Trials, like Gavin or Michael..."
Geoff Ramsey



  • First user-submitted maps for Trials
  • First time Geoff wins a round in Trials


# Description Map by Winner
1 Dunk the basketball! YellowSnowman94 Jack
2 Cross the long log path D1E 1N A F1RE Jack
3 Hydroplane across the lake, finish the course Curly Mop Head Jack
4 Hit RB or LB at a !, green is good norsunkieli Jack
5 Climb the shredder to the top Soulman2k Geoff
6 Make it around the bases and finish the map ColWalterKurtz7 Jack
Preceded by
Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by
Trials #3

Preceded by
Achievement HORSE Trials Episodes Succeeded by
Trials #3

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