"Yeah...fuck this one"
Geoff Ramsey



# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump through ring, fall only through killball. hedcrushr Jack
2 Navigate the course then land and blow up mine. Scopulus Jack
3 Bounce your way to the goal. Explode. i4Ni BabyBoo Geoff
4 Jump on to floating platform, land wheels down. aHoy Silver Geoff
5 Stay right, leap into the hole. azraelamd Geoff
6 Work way through obstacle course. Hit killball. HUGE WangPiece Jack
7 Jump acros course, land Mongoose wheels down on platform. blind MAN 219 Jack
8 Make it through the ring of fire. Land in the pit, wheels down. bOdE OI Jack
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Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by

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