"Your face is an issue"
Geoff as a comeback to Jack explaining his problems during ElmoRific's map




# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump through the two rings, bounce to the island. Foxop Geoff
2 Drive a Scorpion to the top ramp, bounce a shot and hit the mine. Mac P C 83 Jack
3 Make the jumps, teleport to the platform and don't explode. Drenek Jack
4 Jump off the platform and through the ring. MysticNightmare Jack
5 Make the jumps and land on the platform with the flag. P4N70 Jack
6 Drive through the teleporter, clear the killballs, land in UFO. Berns15 Geoff
7 Make the jump, clear the mines and drive in the goal. ElmoRific Geoff
8 Race through track, don't fall off. Explode. Edo Sens Jack
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Achievement HORSE Episodes Succeeded by

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