Jack and Geoff play another game of HORSE, with Burnie cheering them on in the background.

Burnie Burns



  • First HORSE to go all 9 rounds


# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump through the HORSE ring, blow up the mine Ainsley249 Geoff
2 Navigate the asteroid field, land in the ring. J HaDlEy 616 Jack
3 Ramp into the boosters, jump through the tube XFraggerX Geoff
4 Shoot through the hoop, blow up the stuff underneath. Angello78 Geoff
5 Go down the three ramps, hit the floating mine The Hell Lemon Jack
6 Ramp off on to the cannons, land on the platform FelixtheCatman Jack
7 Ramp, fall through the hole, boost to the roof. Explode. bOde 01 Geoff
8 Jump to the cannons, land on top of the platform LivingHead Jack
9 Navigate the S turn, walk the tightrope, boost to the win malcom82 Geoff
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