Riding high off the popularity of the pilot episode, Jack and Geoff officially made HORSE a new series this week.

"I'm like the Rainman of Mongeese."
Jack Pattillo



  • First user-submitted maps
  • First use of "sky writing"


# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump through the 3 rings, land in bucket & explode TheMightyPnut Geoff
2 Jump your Mongoose into the rock. Press the button. JARJAR355 Jack
3 Bounce from jump to jump and land on the island. FelixtheCatman Jack
4 Jump the ramp, hit the boost through the ring, land and survive. scotia96 Geoff
5 Jump off the ramp and land on top of the island. fart282282 Jack
6 Launch Ghost into cannons, land and explode! Darth Tyre Geoff
7 Jump off the ramp and spring from the platform on to the island. SlimJimdoa Geoff
8 Jump on to the cannon, into the teleporter, land on platform. Dreneck Geoff
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