Jack has an opportunity to tie it up, but first he has to get past the middle finger.

"Did you buy that whim chocolate for Valentine's Day?"
Geoff Ramsey



  • First time Jack and Geoff were tied up on wins/losses.


# Description Map by Winner
1 Chuck a plasma at the floating Mongoose and blow it up. UnevenAire Geoff
2 Launch and hit the target while flying. andersean Jack
3 Work your way down to the green platform. x iTxGxlxFi x Jack
4 Take the ramps and blow up the middle finger. FireCloud42 Geoff
5 Jump through the rings and bounce off the wall to the platform. Girn Blanston Jack
6 Jump your way to the rocket launcher, hit the golf ball. GORILAMAN007 Jack
7 Get to the dice and blow them off the mine. iix shade xii Geoff
8 Shoot the target in the falling Scorpion. shaddaix37 Geoff
9 Mongoose to the teleporter, use the grenade launcher. KryqTic Jack
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