"Can I say, i'm not a fan of you, by any stretch of imagination, i'm definitely not in the "Jack Camp", but he was crazy, you were 100% correct"
Geoff Ramsey




# Description Map by Winner
1 Float your way to the top, don't fall. Boost and explode. runNOKYARDrun Jack
2 Leap down and land on the mine. Koite5 Jack
3 Work your way through the obstacle course. Explode. GeneralBillings Jack
4 Bounce on the trampolines to the bucket. Rieker26 Geoff
5 Take Mongoose off of ramp, then hit boosts to UFO. xJonghyun Jack
6 Work way through inverted maze, then jump across balls. petetheduck Geoff
7 Cross the rocks and get to the other side before you die. petetheduck Geoff
8 Ride your Mongoose through the checkpoints, land on platform. petetheduck Jack
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