AH-dventures is an ongoing Achievement Hunter series in which members of the group document their travels in interesting places, usually in groups. The episodes are short (around 5 minutes long) because only the most interesting or funny experiences are included, and even those are compressed. The reason for the visits to faraway places often involve learning about or playing video games upon the request of the games' producers.

Episodes Edit

Episode Location Starring
1 Germany Gavin Free, Ryan Haywood, Lindsay Jones, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey
2 London Jack Pattillo
3 New York City Gavin Free, Ryan Haywood, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo
4 Los Angeles Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey
5 New Orleans Matt Bragg, Trevor Collins, Jeremy Dooley

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